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Jake Lilley

Club, State, National and International Regattas - Calendar and reports are on the Regatta page. 



Finn class measurments, rules, tuning and rigging guides


The Finn was an Olympic Class from the 1952 Olympic Games in Helsinki to the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo in , so it has a very rich history.


Finn sailing: is sailing at it's best

Welcome to the official home page of the International Finn Association of Australia Inc.


The Finn dinghy fills the slot for the heavyweight dinghy event in the Olympic Games.


Designed in 1949 by Rickard Sarby it was first sailed at the 1952 Olympics in Helsinki. It has since been sailed at every Olympic Games up to and including Tokyo in 2021. A total of 70 years.

The Finn class has seen it's biggest growth rate in Australia in recent years with an increase in masters and club sailors.

The Finn Gold Cup (World Sailing Championships) is held annually in various countries around the world. Venues can be found on the Regatta page.


The Finn World Masters Championship is held annually, generally in Europe. Venues can be found on the Regatta page


For juniors there is an annual world championship called, the Finn Silver Cup, (U23 Worlds), this is held in conjunction with the Gold Cup.

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